What to Say on The Very First Day

I’m sitting here at the window looking around, and thinking of what to write to ring in the new year. I had thoughts of poems, or inspirational quotes abut resolutions, and goals but decided against it. Instead I think I’m just going to write what comes to mind when I think of life, and new beginnings.

To me life is a ever evolving, changing, crazy thing, that stops for no one, and no matter how much we would like it to it will not slow down for us. To me the only real goal we should have in life is to constantly evolve along with it, I think that’s the only way to truly get everything out of life that we can.

Change happens every single day, everywhere you look, there is life, death and everything in between. If we do not allow ourselves to be flexible with these changes how could we possibly ever try to keep up with them?

All the staple milestones in life most people think about, career, marriage, kids, those are all just events in life, they pass, and we will be left wondering what to do next. Your marriage turns into a long term relationship after the wedding, your career turns into the day to day grind, and your kids will grow up and have their own lives.

This doesn’t mean the events are over just that there is so much more life after each one. We’ll suddenly have need of new goals and aspirations to continue on with our life, – growing as a couple, or helping our kids with their new lives – if we don’t life will keep on going, and will leave us behind.

We tend to think that the “life events” we all look forward to are “finish lines” like once we’ve achieved them we’ve “made it”, the only true finish line is at the very end, and the last thing we should have to do when we reach it is regret that we didn’t slid in a cloud of dust declaring at the top of our lungs “What a ride!”

Tell me what you think?

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