Winter Horse Keeping – Blanketing Edition

Well I’ve had a few post that where just generic and thoughtful, and now I’d like to write a little about stable management. When the cold months started rolling in, I was looking for some tips and tricks to make winter horse keeping easier, and more effective. But alas I did not find much, at least not much pertinent to my area.

Most articles, especially the ones about blanketing, where aimed mostly at warm climates, and clipped horses. So I am going to make an attempt to put together some information that will help a larger public, and help people in colder climates as well.

Of course there are many factors to contribute to the overall health and well being of horses in any climate and weather, but here I will be focusing on blanketing. Here I have 4 examples based on my 4 horses, they all have totally different needs, even know they all live in the same place, and eat the same foods. The times when I choose to blanket or not change slightly outside the confines of these charts according to factors such as how long it has been a certain temperature (because it’s less extreme when the horse is used to a temperature) and so one. But these are quite close to my regular blanketing schedule.

Blanketing Example 1: Mac

This example illustrates my QH geldings needs, according to what he needs at this moment in his life, and how where he lives effects him. These will evolves as he ages, and his conditions change.

Blanketing Example 2: Maggie

This example is based on my 4 year old paint filly. She is quite a bit tougher then Mac, but is young so I take extra precautions.

Blanketing Example 3: Koshka

This example is based on a 10 year old Canadian/QH cross, who has just recently starting have need of a no-fil rainsheet.

Blanketing Example 4: Mocha

This final example is based on a 6 year old pure bred Canadian mare, who has never needed blankets, and likely never will.

Tell me what you think?

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