About Me

Everyone changes every day of their life, but for a lot of people that can be a scary thing (I was one of them). Change can be dangerous, overwhelming and scary…

However it can also be wondrous, life changing and thrilling, the only thing that changes is your mindset and the filter with which you view the world.

I have been many different people in my life so far, and plan to many more still. Each time a new chapter in my life begins I keep the positive aspects of the passing one into the new one, and I work at leaving the negative ones behind.

I am an ever evolving, eclectic, mess of a woman, driven by a passion to help people find the power they had inside them all along.

I have 20 years experience with horse, fitness, yoga and nutrition. But I will never be done growing and learning. I know that I can – and should – learn just as much from the people and horse I work with as I teach them!

I have been working towards having the knowledge and certifications to provide the best, all inclusive services for my clients. The goal being to create programs to help riders reach their full potential and realize their goals more easily.

I am proud to say I have all of those qualifications now!

Certified and licensed Western Riding Coach

Certified Personal Trainer

200 hour Certified Yoga Instructor

Click here to view my full resume


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