Horseback riding lessons

I am a certified Western riding coach with Cheval Quebec and Equine Canada. I have 18 years experience working with horses, and I have a passion for education.

I love helping people find their inner power through working with horses, the confidence, mental and physical strength and self assurance this world can impart on all ages and walks of life is amazing!

Off-site lessons

Lessons for riders with their own horses. Given at your place or boarding stable with your horse! *Milage costs may apply depending on distance

  • Private lessons – 40$ 
  • Group lessons – 30$

On-site lessons

Lessons for all ages and skill levels. Given at La Ferme Equestre de la Vallée with excellant school horses.

  • Private lesson – 51.75$
  • Group lesson – (2-4 max) 40.25$

Virtual Lessons

These lessons are reserved for autonomous students, but are open to all ages and skills levels as long as they are at a stage where they can handle and prepare their horse themselves. Maximum 1 student per lesson/video.

Lessons are given using any video chat platform including Facebook Messenger, FaceTime or Zoom. Lessons may also be done by simply submitting a video, a lesson plan is provided to the student and the student films their session and submits to me, I then give notes and pointers on the execution of the exercises.

  • Live video lesson – 40$
  • Submitted video lesson – 30$

Online Courses

*Coming soon* I will be offering the ability to take online courses.

  • Rider Level Prep Course
  • Introduction to competition
  • Basic ground manners
  • Simple trick training

Beauty and Skincare Products

Cancer has affected the people I love and that kindled a fire under me. More than ever, I feel the need to help people find safe products that will not cause long-term health problems.

I am a consultant with Beautycounter, I strongly believe in this amazing company that is changing the industries of beauty and skin care completely!

It took me years to understand the problem with my skin and to find products that work incredibly well, that have not been tested on animals, that do not contain harmful ingredients and that actually work!

I can help you speed up this process so you don’t waste time, energy and money finding what works for you!