I am a certified Western Riding Coach with Cheval Quebec and Equestrian Canada. I have 20 years of experience with horses and yoga and my passion is education.

I love helping people find their inner power by working with horses, the confidence, mental and physical strength and the confidence that this world can bring to all ages and in all walks of life is amazing!

Off-site Lessons

Lessons for those with their own horses. Given at your home or at your boarding stable with your horse!

  • Price per region
    • Gatineau area (30 mins or less travel) = 40$ (private), 30$ (group)
    • Luskville, Thurso areas (30-45 mins travel) = 50$ (private), 40$ (group)
    • Shawville area (45-60 mins travel) = 60$ (private), 40$ (group)
    • Otterlake area (1.5-2 hours travel) = 70$ (private), 60$ (group)

On-site Lessons

Courses for all ages and skill levels. Donate to La Ferme Equestre de La Vallée with extraordinary course horses!

  • Private lessons – 51.75$
  • Group lessons – (2-4 max) 40.25$

Online Lessons

These lessons are reserved for independent students, but are open to all ages and levels as long as they are at a stage where they can handle and prepare their horse themselves. Maximum 1 student per lesson / video.

Classes are given using any video chat platform, including Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, or Zoom. Classes can also be done by simply submitting a video, a lesson plan is provided to the student and the student films their session and submits it to me, then I give notes and advice on performing the exercises.

Live video chat lesson – 40 $
Recording submission lesson – 30 $

Online Yoga Classes

Stay in shape and have the strength, flexibility, coordination and balance to go horseback riding with ease!

When we are not in shape we put a lot more pressure on our horse because we are not able to help them with their jobs and we only have passengers who prevent them from performing.

It’s teamwork and we are athletes like any other. Yoga is a great addition to the life of riders!

Classes give several times a week at only $ 10 per household/class

Online Courses

Prepare for the full theory exams online! Online and live training to prepare you for your Cavaliers exams!

  • Rider 1 Course
  • Rider 2 (coming soon)
  • Rider 3 ( coming soon)
  • Rider 4 (coming soon)

Contact me by email here (

Or text/call 819-635-5558