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  • The Trainer’s Toolbox
    • A video library of training exercises to be used in conjunction with lessons.
  • Fit to Ride
    • Workouts, yoga session and mobility mini series to make you a stronger rider.
  • Bit Basics
    • “The biggest bit you need is a bit of knowledge”, learns the pros and cons of different kinds of bits and bitless bridles to make the most informed choice for your horse.
  • Rider Level Exam Prep Courses 1-4
    • A study guide to prepare for the EC Western Learn to Ride theory exams.
  • 4 Hooves, 2 Hearts, 1 Mind (coming soon)
    • An overview of the psychology behind our favourite sport and animal, and how it effects our daily interactions with our horses.
  • Training Fundamentals (coming soon)
    • Horse training is very nuanced, but in this series we take a look at the overall steps that should be taken from first lunging, to first ride.
  • Trick Training (coming soon)
    • Are you looking for something to do with your horse during winter? Or maybe while you or they are unable to ride/be ridden? This course will take you through the safety aspects of starting trick training with such large animals and how to go about teaching your horse some fun – and sometimes very useful – tricks!