Hurry Up and Wait

We spend most of lives waiting for something, sometimes it’s worth the wait, others it’s a waste of time and unfortunately we never really know until we get there whether it was the right move.

Of course to make it even more interesting a great deal of the time we don’t know after we get there either. Well played Life, well played. The best way I’ve heard it said so far has been “No one said it would be easy.” and that has rang true time and time again in in my thus very short adult life.

As kids we want to be older, so badly that if you ask any 6 year-old who was born in May how old they are in December they will without a doubt say 6 and a half. Ask an adult the same question and they will likely round down by a couple decades. 😉

My relatives love to recite the story of when I was 6 and declared to all that I was almost an adult, because 6 was close to 10, and 10 was almost 16 and 16 is almost an adult, thus my 6 year-old logic would dictate that I was indeed almost an adult. Once I actually reached adulthood, well all I can say I would like a refund. It does have it’s perks but adult life was not at all as advertised.

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