A Blog A Day Will Keep the Crazy Away

20140324-062949.jpgWe are approaching the one year anniversary of this blog and the closer we get the more I think about this past year.

I’ve accomplished many things I had planned to, as well as some I hadn’t planned for at all. I’ve cried and screamed and laughed and smiled. I’ve grown above my expectations, and at times shrunk below them as well. I’ve surprised myself and I have equally disappointed myself as well.

I still have a tone of work to do, and I have regrets from this year but in the end I know next year has brand new challenges for me so I can’t focus on what I did wrong this year only on what I did right.

I need to take the positive into next year, and with it create even more positive.

Everyone needs an outlet of creativity, the ability to have their voice heard so I will stick with my ‘none-resolution’ resolution and just continue to share my strange, smart, awkward, funny and totally true self with whoever will deign to listen. 🙂

Click Here for my very first blog post on Jan 17 2014

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