Your Ultimate Destiny FM

That little voice holds so much power over us, it seems sometimes to rule our lives. In cartoons they are usually depicted them as the devil on our shoulder, but as far as reality goes, most of us don’t even know they are there. It’s like the time you look in the mirror and for a split second you are proud for the progress your new workout routine has brought upon you, and then they speak up…”Well maybe if you had lost another 5 pounds, then there would be something to brag about”

What about the time you decided you wanted to go back to school and learn a new career, something that you actually liked? They show their ugly little head again…”Do you really deserve more than this?”

That warm tingly feeling that you where just having a second ago seems light years away, and your self-worth just got flushed into the sub-sewers. Why on earth would such a god awful thing happen? That’s your devil speaking their barbarous little mind. We’ve all felt it on one occasion or another, but some of us don’t realize it’s just the voice in our heads talking, we think somehow we are channeling the Atomic Clock equivalent of truth, we think that we personally have this amazing singular connection to Your Ultimate Destiny FM, and if we hear someone say through the speaker “No you can’t.” after we say “Maybe I can” we take it as gospel.

Positive self-talk is a term I’ve heard from almost every motivational speaker I have ever heard of, and yet I did not really understand it until today. We need to start realizing there is no one, anywhere in the universe more powerful, or more capable of controlling how we feel, act and think then the person that stares back at us from the bathroom mirror every day.

We need to start looking at that person, accepting them with all their perfect imperfections, and loving them because they are the one person we have been closest with all our lives. Personally that is one relationship I don’t think anyone should live without.

So starting today when I look at myself in the mirror, instead of looking at my singular grey hair that I hate so much, or the pimple that came out of nowhere that makes me want to wear a bag on my head, I am going to find one good thing about myself, inside and out that I feel good about. I may not like how I look in skinny jeans, or crop tops, but I love my eyes, and my hair. I may not like my awkwardness, or how I have a tendency to ‘over-share’, but I love my perseverance and tenacity.

Life is a never ending evolution of emotions, and experiences both good and bad. The best thing we can do for ourselves is to get out of our own way.


So, what do you love about yourself today?

Tell me what you think?

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