Getting back in the saddle. Not always as easy as it sounds.

A couple days ago I wrote about the “Good kind of fight” you can get from a horse.

When Maggie did her little fit, I laughed it off. But it did shake me a little.

I’ve been out of the saddle, and basically on total “horse hiatus” for quite awhile, and I’m feeling it.

Horses are intimidating creatures, they are strong and can be impulsive. So when they freak out, it’s impressive looking. Maggie has a knack for the dramatic, a bit like me I suppose. So I have to admit I was a little nervous, not so much in the moment, but the next day I could feel a little twinge of doubt setting in.

I regained my confidence after working her the day after, she was calmer, and so was I. So all-in-all the doubt was short lived, but it just goes to show, how being out of the game for awhile can make a big difference.

I forgot how I am training myself, just as much as I am training Maggie. We both have lots to practice and learn, and in that process there are always set backs.

Tell me what you think?

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