Playing with Magic – Week 2 of Maggie’s Training

Well as it’s the beginning of week 3, it’s kind of late for this post, but I’m nothing if not consistent.

Maggie is doing very well, but I saw quite of bit of healthy resistance throughout the week. This showed me I was pushing her past her “comfort zone” little-by-little. She did very well with this, despite a few minor displays of her annoyance. I didn’t consider these as bad, since she calmed right down very quickly. She told me she wasn’t particularly happy about it, and finished by acceptance.

Some sessions had some rocky starts, or middles, but they all ended good, and to me that is a very good thing. I can’t expect her to act like a typical horse her age, because I left her without work for way too long, so we both need to start from the beginning and make sure we have a solid foundation.

Still waiting on my tripod, so videos and pictures should be coming as soon as I get it…

My plan in the next few weeks is to start tacking her up as well, but I wont be able to do that until I have  more day light. Right now I don’t have enough time from first light, to work time, to waste on tacking. So I try to focus on the time spent with Maggie, for now.

The days are steadily getting longer, so my training will get more and more involved as the weeks go on.


Wish me luck!..

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