Fault ≠ Responsibility


We always try to seek out whose fault it is that something bad happened, big or small. When the car breaks down, it’s the manufactures fault. When we are late for work, it’s the person driving 40 in front of us. If our life is a mess, it’s our poor childhood and toxic family members  that are to blame.

In reality, this is all true to a point, it is their fault, but they are not responsible for the out come. This is a concept that we all have enormous difficulty with as humans. If it’s your fault something bad happened, I also want to blame you and peg you with the responsibility of fixing it. It’s an uncomfortable fact that this is not, and never was the case.

It may be someone’s fault our life – or one aspect of it – is messed up, but it’s our responsibility to fix it. We are 100% responsible for ourselves. Our happiness, our wellbeing and our situation. Everything. It’s totally within our power to change, whether that be by changing the situation, or merely starting by the acceptance of it and subsequently the growth from it. We are responsible.

To truly be happy we need to embrace this fact, take responsibility for our current situation and for it’s resolution. If we don’t we remain the victim, forever in a cycle of blame and hate unable to move on. That doesn’t punish the people at fault, it only punishes us.

The true path to self empowerment is in taking responsibility for our own happiness. We need to let go of the blame and the drive to make those at fault pay and suffer for their actions. If we move on, empower ourselves and thrive, then they have paid the ultimate price, having had no influence in the lives – consciously or not – that they tried to ruin.


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