Why Did I Get The Biggest, Brightest & Boldest Red Lipstick I Could Find?…

Photo on 2018-07-30 at 3.43 PM #2One of the newest branches of my ever-evolving “tree of self” has also been one of the most influential so far. The concept of “taking up space”, a movement that encourages women to stop letting society make them feel like they need to be smaller, meeker and quieter either through the diet industry or any other.

I have always had a “big” personality, even as a kid. I am not the loudest in groups, I am not exuberant and I can be a great listener, but I do have strong opinions, like to voice them with a fair amount of passion and am pretty self assured. For better or for worse, I take up space. But I have let people make me feel like I need to be smaller, I need to sit down and not bring so much attention to myself. I have also let society lead me to think that being “tiny” is desirable, rather than bold and strong!

I have made many changes in my life since coming across this concept – Thanks to @WellFedWomen and @Steph_Gaudreau! – including working out for strength and functionality rather than weight lose and nourishing my body with the amount of food it needs for recovery rather than restricting it in a misguided attempt to make it shed fat.

Also one of my favourites #WearTheDamnShorts – More to come on that one later, it deserves it’s own post, but is pretty self explanatory!

Another change that I have decided to make is this badass shade of red lipstick (Awesome bonus it is a #SaferSkinCare alternative from @BeautyCounter), I have not worn lipstick “on the reg” ever because I thought it was too bold, and brought too much attention to me. If I did wear any usually it was a muted shade of some kind. But I have always loved the bold red shades! It’s not about my outward appearance though, it’s not about how people perceive me, or how I think I should look. I don’t feel like I am covering anything up, on the contrary, this lipstick helps me show my intensity, and to flaunt it and be proud of it, rather than trying to conceal it as if it were a flaw!

#BeBold #WearTheDamnShorts #HarderToKill #TakeUpSpace!


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