The Day My Blog Changed – Because My Life Had

The days of waking to the sun rising at 5am have dwindled away, to be replaced with a 7am sunrise. Although somewhat depressing, it is just a fact of life. Living in the in Quebec it’s a sign winter is on it’s way. Along with the leaves changing colour, and the horses subtly growing fuzzier hair.

Along with winter for me comes more blog posts, although I do post the occasional little something through summer, it is rare. There is some much to do, and very little of it is inside.

Now to get to the real reason I am posting this. The blog’s name change. I thought it pertinent seeing as my life has gone through so many changes, that my blog reflect that. So I am starting with the name.

I have chosen to call it The Active Horsewoman simply because of the many uses for the word Active. My goals this year where to become more active, in just about everything. Meaning I became more physically active by including exercise into my daily routine, more active in the kitchen by being conscious of what I fuel my body with, and more active in my horse life by spending more time caring for, and training my horses.

This year is the first year in my life that I checked ALL my goals off my list, stuck to the ones that where lifestyle changes, and it is also the year my goal list was the longest.

  • Compete successfully with both my horses
  • Making time horse my horses daily
  • Become more fit, and healthy by dialling in workouts and nutrition
  • Train my horses to trailer easily
  • Become able to load and trailer my horses alone
  • Make my horses easy to deworm

I can’t believe I got all that done! And it’s only September.

So the blogs name change was primarily to reflect the major change in my life, fitness and nutrition are such a big part of my life now, just because I found The Athletic Rider, and Leah Hinnefeld and realized I was asking my horses to perform like athletes, but never asked the same of myself.

Tell me what you think?

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