A Tail of Two Horses

If you are a western competitor, or you know one, you know our one huge obsession. No it’s not that perfect lead change, or nice fluid transitions (although we aspire to those as well) – Our true obsession is long, lucius, full TAILS!

Back in the day tail extensions where not allowed in the show pen, so if you wanted that almighty western tail, you had to work your’s off to get it. Nowa days all you need is 150 bucks and some simple braiding skills to obtain the beautiful tail people used to spend hours to get!

Because of a lack of funds, and a little touch of an overachiever in me, I have been going to old route for some time now, but I have only perfected my technique in the last 8 or so months.

Here are my results:

I have been working on Maggie’s (dark bay) tail for less time than Mac’s (Palomino), so you can see the difference in the results so far. But they are still significant.


IMG_1845 IMG_1846

New thickness
New thickness
Old thickness
Old thickness
New growth above, and old thickness below.
New growth above, and old thickness below.

Mac (When he was Maggie’s age (5 years ago) he had the same tail, minus the new growth she has now!)

IMG_1853 IMG_1854

New growth (From 8 - 10 months)
New growth (From 8 – 10 months)
Old thickness
Old thickness
New growth
New growth

The Process:

  • Washing every 1 – 2 weeks (With vinegar treatment or demineralizing shampoo for mares)
  • Daily moisturizing (Mane n’ Tail conditioner or Sharply’s #1 Oil)
  • Minimal brushing (Starting only with fingers, then a mane and tail brush, careful not to break any hairs. no more than 1x/week)
  • Braiding and Bagging (Either in tail tubes or regular tail bag)
  • Twice a week massaging M.T.G into tail bone

That’s it, these steps fall nicely into a daily grooming routine once you are used to them! Then no need to remember your tail extension for the show, it is already on the horse! 😉

Tell me what you think?

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