Learning From Your Inner Baby – Falling and Trying Again

When we are born we have very little grasp on the world around us, we are literally blind to the immense universe we have just entered. As we grow we start to discover the wonders of the world, we see the beauty, the love and all the positive the world has to give. We are so close to the ground and yet we could not be any closer to flying.

Unfortunately a great majority of use have to be shown the negative side of the world, rather then learning our individual boundaries on our own. Who better to do this then adults? “Don’t touch that you’ll get hurt.” “Don’t go there it’s dangerous.” We’re taught to stick to the side walk, even if there is no street.

If, in your adult life you ever think “What’s the point in trying…” for whatever reason. Think back to learning to walk, most of us can’t remember our own experience during this time, but we can look to any baby in the world and see the experience happening all over again.

Watch any toddler and see the pattern. Try to stand, fall. Try to stand, fall. Try to walk, fall. And yet have you ever seen a baby give up trying to stand because it was too difficult? Or because they failed too many times? Kinda sounds ridiculous when you think about it doesn’t it?

So let you’re inner baby give you some hope for the future and keep trying to stand, because falling is really not all that bad. Especially when you think you where falling on your ass long before you knew what that word meant!

Tell me what you think?

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