The Real X-Men: We all have undiscovered powers, learn to unleash them!

Learning to control our emotions is the most present, and most unyielding of all human hardships. We go through this never ending battle from the day we are born. When we are young it’s normal, expected even that we through fits, and scream and cry, although totally undesirable, it is normal. If however these kinds of fits continue into adolescence or adulthood, then it’s likely someone will mark us as mentally unsound. But we still feel it don’t we? When someone gets you so mad you want to break something, or scream, or maybe someone made you so sad you feel like curling up in bed and never coming out. But most of us don’t do these things, maybe to a mild degree yes, but not like we would have in our infancy.

However we do manifest these toxic emotions in other ways, lashing out at society, self destructive behavior or even just bullying, it all comes from the same place. We lack true control, and a healthy mindset, so instead of truly handling the emotions we feel, we simply divert them unknowingly to another venue. So what is control really? It’s certainly not just ignoring the emotions, because even the most unstable of us know ignoring a problem doesn’t really make it go away. Maybe the reason handling our emotions is so difficult is because we are trying to hard in the wrong ways. Maybe instead of trying to hold back the flood gates until they burst, we should be letting each drop through as it appears? In order to avoid the flood altogether?

It’s a truly empowering feeling to feel the mercury rise inside you, and be able to sooth it back with rational thoughts. Don’t get me wrong that empowering feeling is a rare occurrence for me, it’s knew and a realm I know very little about. But know I know it’s there now, and all I had to do to find it was stop making excuses for myself, and instead of trying to hold the world outside to too high of a standard, instead I started expecting more from myself.

All the motivational speakers and activists out there are right, we can change the world, but not by signing petitions, or picketing, we have the power to change the world if we start looking within ourselves and expecting the best we know we can be, not just on the outside, but on the inside too. Always reaching higher and farther, always having goals and always excepting we don’t know it all (and never will) but relishing in the fact that there will always be something new to learn!

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