Mask Wearing Etiquette for Riding Lessons

Depending on where you are located this may not apply, but here in Quebec mask wearing in closed or semi-closed public places will be made mandatory this week. I’ve been wearing one when teaching, but up until this point it has been optional for my students, now it will be mandatory as stated by the Quebec government.

So here are a few points to follow (source:

Mask-up and Keep your Cool

So this applies two fold, I know some of you will be against wearing masks, that is why up until now I allowed it to be optional, but since it is now mandatory I have no choice but to deny service to anyone not wearing a mask (except for the exceptions listed on the Quebec Government’s website). Despite this, I hope you can all understand this is out of my control and if it helps in anyway to avoid having to go back into confinement I want to do my best.

If you are not in agreement with the concept of wearing a mask, please just look at it as another piece of safety equipment required for riding lessons, just like the boots with heels and riding helmets.

That being said here is a tip for staying cool this summer while wearing your mask. Surgical masks are a lot lighter weight and easier to breath in than the reusable cotton masks, keep some of those handy for the very hot days and use your reusable masks when it is milder.

I also found the above pictured mask online that has a oneway valve to allow humidity out, it works quite well but is still heavier than a surgical mask. Click Here (not affiliated)

How To Put on A Mask

It seems obvious, but in case you are not sure here are some tips:

  • Wash your hands before handling your mask
  • Touch only the strings of the mask, and avoid the mask surface as much as possible
  • Wash your hands before and after removing or changing your mask
  • Replace your mask if it becomes humid or wet
  • Wash reusable masks between each use
  • Do not reuse disposable masks
  • Avoid touching your mask while using it as much as possible
  • Do not remove your mask to cough or sneeze (I have seen some people do this in public and it is quite disrespectful to everyone around you, because it shows you are wearing your mask only for yourself and no one else.)

Place Your Mask Properly

It’s hard to believe but as cool as all of these fashion looks are (especially the last one!) they don’t do much protecting, so make sure to place your mask on your face properly, covering your chin, and nose completely 😉

Keep Having Fun

We are in unprecedented and serious times, but keep an open mind and a soft heart, I am grateful we are still able to continue doing the things we love and that is an amazing thing worth holding on to and protecting as best we can!

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