Vision Boards, Setting Intentions and Planing for Goals

Many people would say that January 1st is just an arbitrary date, but I think it can be whatever the hell you want it to be. I like it to be a fresh start and the reference point for the start of a new year.

I have accumulated a few different rituals and habits surrounding the new year and they have all helped me get in the right headspace to reset and reevaluate my goals and expectations.

End of December

Vision Board and Words of the Year

Nearing mid December I come up with a very basic plan of the things I want for the coming year, and I evaluate what I achieved in the past year. I use that information to come up with a vision board, and 4 words to represent the year. I pick one main word that will influence all of my goals, then 3 words that represent how I will obtain them.

December 31st

Declutter, Gratitude, Plan & Un-deck the Halls

On new years eve I declutter my spaces, prep a bag for donation and write a ceremonious last page in my planner for the day. I also take down all the holiday decorations and take down the ribbons I won in my show season. I feel like these little habits help make space for bring great new things into my life for the next year. I also take the time to add to and re-organize my gratitude wall. (pictured above) This is an entire wall in my home, right next to my bed, full of things I am grateful for, my achievements and such. I look at it each day, visualize my goals and appreciate how far I have come so far.

Re-Organize and Re-Centre

I pickup on some habits I wanted/needed but got away from through the year, and reorganize my space to better suit my new plans. This year that included re-organizing my gratitude wall. Practicing gratitude is so important, both for manifesting what you want in your life and for feeling content in the moment.

January 1st

Start a new Planner

I get my new planner (for the last two years that has been the Simplified Planner by Emily Ley) and I get to writing. I fill in my goals, important dates and my daily and weekly to-do lists. I also do the Simplicity Challenge (included in the planner, also available on their social media pages! 😉 )

Setting up my planner is a fairly simple process. I go through the coming year and write all the important dates I don’t want to forget and reminders associated with them.

I add birthdays and anniversaries, as well as my competition dates, bills etc. I also add my big goals for the year in the notes section in the front.

After that each night I write my to-do list for the next day, and I fill in appointments weekly or as needed.

I also use Google Calendar, so I have a digital copy and hard copy just in case. I like doing it this way, so I can have recurring events I don’t forget, but I also have something I can leave open on my desk and be reminded of as I walk by, rather than having to remember to look at it for certain things.


For many years now I have always ridden on new years day. Sometimes it’s just sitting on my horse’s back, sometimes it’s a full training session, but I always make it happen. Why not start the year off doing your favorite thing!

At the beginning of each new season

Set My Seasonal Intentions – Using the Rule of Three

Goals are great, but often have a million steps leading up to them. So when setting my main goals I dream as big as I can, then I set three intentions for the season that will help work my way towards the bigger goals. They can be directly related, or indirectly as long as overall it will help and not hinder me in reaching my goals.

After I have chosen those three goals, I write all of them on three different pieces of paper, and place those pieces of paper in three different locations I frequent.

I put one on my desk, one beside my bed and one in my truck on the dashboard.

Hope you enjoyed this, I’d love to hear what you do for a fresh start each year!

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