How to Survive Winter on Horseback


You are one of the tough riders who decided to pursue your studies in the equestrian world during the winter!

Here are some tips to keep you warm and make riding in the colder months easier and more enjoyable! 😁

Small note to parents: Be sure to explain to your children that ignoring that they are cold (because they do not want to dismount) can be very dangerous. They do not need to be embarrassed to tell me that they want to stop before the end of class!

1. Wear jogging pants over your jeans and wool stocking. When it’s very cold, snow pants and boots! Heating sachets are very useful too!!

2. Wear a neck warmer AND a helmet cover

3. Why not help your horse a little too, put the bridle in your coat while you brush!

4. On horseback we stay much warmer, it is more the spectators who end up freezing. So parents are welcome to stay in the lunch room or go to Tim’s during class! 😉

5. Mittens with small gloves underneath and heat packs !!🧤 👍

6. You really need specialty winter riding boots, sometimes you’re  normal boots will do, depending on the style. But you need a real heel of at least 1/2 inch!

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