My Five Favorite Scheduling and Planning Tips!

One thing I knew I should have been doing for a long time is having a hard copy of my schedule as well as using iCal. If the worst were to happen and I was stuck without my tech I would still be able to continue on with my life as usual!

As you can see in the photo here, I schedule EVERYTHING! I have way too much to try and remember, but even if I did why would I want all of that clogging up my headspace?

I used to think it was cool to have my own schedule and to do list up in my head, but then I realized the lingering stress of forgetting something, and trying to remember all of this all of the time is hugely taxing, and honestly a waste of my time.

I want to spend my time thinking about the tasks and projects I have not just remembering ABOUT them! I have been on scheduling for a while, but I finally found a planner I love and is simple and straight forward to use! So now I have my tech version and my hard copy!

My Favorite Scheduling Tips

#1 – Make multiple calendars/categories

Colour coding and organizing different types of tasks and events is an amazing way to keep your schedule tidy!

Although I don’t have them yet, I am planning on getting different coloured pens to match the colours in my iCal schedules, so I can keep my planner consistant!

#2 – Write Down/Schedule EVERYTHING

Don’t leave it up to chance, or ‘I’ll find the time for that later’. Mark it down now! If you want to have time to workout/work on your side hustle/go for a walk/meditate, you name it, putting it in your schedule – even if that just means jotting down ‘me time’ – it is a lot more likely to get done!

You can see in the image at the top of this post, the teal entries are for working on my side hustle and the orange is my time to go outside, that could be walking, riding, playing with the dogs, farm chores, or anything I want!

#3 – Add Making Your Schedule to Your Schedule

This may sounds ridiculous but planning and making a schedule usually gets put at the bottom of the list, then when next week comes around you have no idea what your obligations are!

Plan for a once per week in-depth dive into your schedule, take around 30 minutes so you are not rushed, and plan it for sometime on Sunday so you can chill and feel prepared for the week ahead!

Then plan for around 5-10 minutes every day to review the week and next day, make changes as needed and remind yourself of things you need to get done soon.

#4 – Use Reminders!

I cannot say this enough, it is one thing to schedule something, but you may still forget if you don’t set a reminder or alert! There is no shame in it, our lives are way too hectic to remember everything we need to do in a day. You might not need reminders for intrinsic things that you do automatically, but for anything you find yourself obsessing over, or forgetting a lot set a reminder!

The pre-installed apps on most phones work just fine, but there are so many others to choose from if they don’t fit the bill for you.

Personally I use the Reminders app on my iPhone and it works great!

BONUS TIP!: Instead of using an alert sound for your reminder, use a ringtone, it will actually ring like an alarm for a while, so you are less likely to miss it if you are not always close to your phone!

#5 – Make Lists

I have really found my groove using lists and reminders in conjunction with my schedule, it keeps all of my thoughts, responsibilities, tasks and events out of my head and on paper/tech. This allows me to have my full mental strength for tackling each task individually!

Tell me what you think?

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