Motivation and Organization…

…probably the most over used words on this blog! But hey, I can’t help myself they are a couple of my favorite words!IMG_3545

Something that has helped me a lot, is keeping my organization, and motivation somewhere I can see everyday. The way our appartement is setup, the fridge is in the Kitchen/dining room/workout space, and is adjacent to the bedroom/office, so it is in plain sight most of the day.

I have a grocery and to do list on a small whiteboard, all of my favorite motivational quotes, and the weekly meal plan posted there.

The meal plan I am especially excited about, I have tried a few different versions of it, but this is the best. I printed out a blank template that I made on my computer, then put it in a protective plastic sleeve. Then either of us can write (using a dry erase marker) what we want to make on our respective meal nights there, and add the ingredients to the grocery list!

Tell me what you think?

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