What Are You Thinking?

Recently I started adding Meditation into my daily routine, just kind of testing it out. A friend suggested an App called Headspace, which has a 10 minute a day introductory program that lasts for 10 days.

What ever you are thinking Meditation is right now, you are probably miles away from what it really is, and what it can do.

Take a look at this video to see what I mean, this app has opened my eyes.


The real reason I wanted to write this post is because of something I have learned during the process. Most of the time when my mind wanders, I don’t even realize I am thinking.

There is a point in each session of Headspace that he asks you to do nothing. Just let the mind do whatever it wants, it can think if it wants to, or it can run on idle for awhile.

I was looking back at that moment at the end of the session today, my first impression was that it was weird how I usually have issues with my mind wondering on a regular basis, but when I tell it, it can do anything it wants it does nothing.

Then I realized I was thinking, I had, had a few ideas, remembered I had not done something, and had some random thoughts as well. I was thinking, and processing the information but did not even realize I was doing it!

So this made me think, if I know I have a tendency to over think things, and my mind wonders a lot, how much wondering does it really do if I only notice so much of it’s meanderings?

So in only 7 sessions of using this App I am already starting to be more conscious of my mind’s activity, and it is proving I need meditation even more then I thought.

The second epiphany I had on this subject was how often does my mind wonder off to a dark corner of my mind, and create the bad moods, insecurities or even nightmares that happen to me when I am stressed?

If it is true that my mind is doing this, then maybe there is a way to lock the doors to those bad places, and diminish how often my wondering mind controls my mood?

Either way I am very intrigued with this process, and am excited to see where it leads me. 🙂

Tell me what you think?

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