A Balmy -8? It’s Time To Play!

Well as crazy as it sounds this is what my goofy horses thought yesterday, it’s been pushing -30 for most of the time lately, but yesterday there was a fresh snow fall, and it was a ‘balmy’ -8c, which apparently was prime ‘horse play’ temperature. (lol I know lame joke!)

Mac spent the better part of the afternoon trying to pull Maggie’s blanket over her head, little did he know his attempts had already been foreseen thus the extra surcingles! 😉

Maggie also joined in the fun, which is unusual for her, but becoming more and more common. They ran and jumped, and bucked, and rolled the day away. Nipping at each other’s blankets, and apparently having a super fun time!

Again I forgot to bring my camera out, maybe next time, but it still made me smile! 😀

I’m seeing more and more of Maggie’s natural personality coming out, maybe from going through auction she has been more of  a guarded horse, but now she really seems to be coming out of her shell. She’s more expressive and playful then I have ever seen her before! It’s a great feeling!

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