The Fear of Secrets & The Secret of Fears

Home many times have you held something back from someone? Maybe just because you thought the truth was worse then the lie? How many times have you told yourself “…you can’t ____.” (fill in the blank). And how many times have you believed yourself? Ever wonder what horrible things the truth would do, if you set them free? Odds are the answer is yes, and it is probably very likely you imagined the worst possible out come. Ever wonder if you might be wrong?

So why is that?

Of course I can only take a shot in the dark to answer that, but that’s really all any human can do. We take shots in the dark, – Scientists would call it a hypothesis – and we try to find reasonable answers to our burning questions. All we can ever do is speak from what we have experienced, and maybe we might get something right, maybe not. Only time will tell if our ‘guess’ was right or not. If we are proved right we are visionaries, if not they call us fools.

I think that our own heads are the worst places to dwell on our problems. The human mind is a wondrous thing, but it is also notorious for screwing things up when left to it’s own devices. Take a secret for example, is it the secret itself that you are afraid of letting out? Or is it the reaction you think the secret will enlist?

Maybe it’s a bit of both, but it’s probably the latter that takes the spot light in most of our minds. So how do we know what kinds of reaction a secret will create, if we never say it aloud? Maybe it will be worse then you could have ever imagines, or it could be the total opposite, and your feelings would be welcomed with open arms.

The thoughts we have, could of course stem experience, past secrets shared, that where received with a negative response. It could also be attributed to the long list of pros and cons, devised to come to a decision. Or you could just be afraid, and your subconscious is protecting you via avoidance. Which is really not protection at all, we avoid things that make us nervous or uncomfortable, but most of the time, that is a very poor defense.

Now which is worse? Keeping it all in until you either (1 you lose it and it all boils over? or (2 you end up being eaten away from the inside out? Either way it doesn’t seem like anyway to live.

So maybe it wont be so bad. Maybe your imagination is going a bit wild with how  it thinks things will turn out. Maybe taking a chance, putting things out there and letting yourself feel what you need to feel, will be better for you, and everyone around you. The only way anyone can find out the answer is to try.


“If you succeed you know you where right, if you fail you know you where wrong.

To find out you have to try.” – A great man.

Tell me what you think?

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