Lesson Resources

Lesson Flow After Quarantine – Things won’t change that much…

  • When you arrive wash your hands
  • Look at the blackboard for the horse and your preparation station (number 1, 2, 3 or 4)
  • Put all your things at your preparation station
  • Go get your horse with your own halter and lead
  • Prepare your horse as usual
  • Go to the arena to ride
  • After the riding remove all equipment from your horse, and put them back in their enclosure or stall
  • Clean your equipment at the cleaning station in the tack room
  • Bring your stuff outside the stable
  • Wash your hands and leave the stable

*The common surfaces are disinfected by Liseanne after the day and completed.

Cleaning Your Equipement After Your Lesson

Go to the cleaning station in the backroom, spray all tack down with cleaner, and scrub with paper towels. Throw the paper towels away after you are done, and put the tack back where it goes.


  • Washing your hands on arrivant and departure
  • Clean your equipment
  • Bring a mask (in case you cough or sneeze or if we can’t keep our distance) your own halter, lead and brushes.
  • Liseanne will disinfect common surfaces and sweep after the lesson day is done


Here are the best prices I have found


Halter and Lead set (All halters must be horse size and lead ropes must be 6 feet minimum!)

Masks are strongly recommended and will be needed if we can’t keep our distance. So bring one with you just in case and keep it in your pocket. *I can make one for you if you cannot find one or would like a cooler looking one in the material of your choice 😉