Fit to Ride


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Stay fit, ride better!

Western Rider Exam Prep Courses 1-4 (Bilingual)

50$ – 75$ (each sold separately)

One Time Payment


These courses will prepare you for your Western Rider 1, 2, 3 and 4 Theory Exams respectively, they include all the content of the rider manuals, plus videos examples, detailed explanations from your coach as well as practice quizzes. This course is intended to be used in conjunction with the manual and in person lessons.

Trick Training – Coming Soon!


One Time Payment


Bond with your horse, stay active at the barn all year round and have fun!

The Trainer’s Toolbox


Pay What You Can


Every training problem a horse can have requires multiple tools, not every horse is the same and different approaches are often needed to get the best results. The Trainer’s Toolbox is designed to be used in conjunction with in-person or virtual lessons in order to see exercises demonstrated. This allows you to refer back to exercise examples to keep them fresh in your mind!

Bit Basics


One-Time Payment


An in-depth (but not exhaustive) look at the different types of bits and bridles commonly used, the myths and misconceptions surrounding them and what bits (or lack-there-of) are best for you and your horse.