Throw Out The Wilted Flowers

For awhile last year I was combating my depression by having a weekly ritual of buying flowers when we went to do groceries, although it’s not something I do every week now, it’s still a habit I will bring back around if needed.

The best part of the whole ritual was replacing the old flowers with the new ones, it was such a symbolic process of renewal and rebirth. It started making me think of other ways things could be renewed, like simulating spring, bringing new light into a stagnant area of life and rekindling fires that where starting to die.

Everyone knows about my passion for horses, it’s kind of obvious when you look at my life, but it may be less obvious that another great passion of mine is creating. I love to build, create, write, draw and organize. Creating is a passion that predates horses by about a decade. I always loved crafts, although I would never follow the instructions, as a kid I would mix all the colours together just because I could.

I ‘wrote’ stories long before I could read or write, I would have my Mom write my stories as I dictated them to her. One of my more notable works was “Shelsa the Seashell Octopus” which was about a vegetarian Octopus whom lived in a hole in a rock, and at Christmas time not only ate seaweed but also bark.

Oddly enough I think that is what attracted me to horse training and teaching, when you train a horse you literally create abilities that may not have existed otherwise and in teaching I create riders, in both cases I take existing abilities and strengths and create a situation in which they can thrive. When I need to renew my motivation for anything I write and create and that empowers me to feel capable.

Creating is the ultimate form of a fresh start, something that wasn’t there before, is now, or something that already was is made better or into something new.

I realized that the wilted flowers analogy can also be used for something else as well. Our own limiting beliefs. If you are not familiar with the term, a limiting belief is the belief that we are not enough to deserve or be capable of doing something. If you say “I can’t do that because___” it is more likely a limiting belief rather than a fact, but because we believe them we make them facts, and unwittingly give them power.

I have had many, many, many limiting beliefs over my life, but when I have made the conscious decision to “throw them away” it has always created space in my life and renewed my energy.

Sometimes the limiting beliefs we have are actually coming from other people in our lives, and although I don’t recommend throwing people away, sometimes it is best to pick wisely who we share our energy with. Some people deserve our energy and will pay it back in kind, but other drain us like batteries and if we warn them we are running low most often they will throw us away.

Sometimes we are craving a fresh start, but that doesn’t have to be a huge gesture like moving to a new city or quieting a job, although sometimes that is what it takes. More often than not a symbolic change is all we need to get us back on track.

Right now I think we all need this concept more than ever, the world is restarting, and renewing itself. So much change, and yet much more needed on all fronts. Let’s all find ways to shift and grow, it’s the little changes we each make everyday in mindset and habits that will make the big shifts in the world possible.

Tell me what you think?

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