Structured Weekend – A Little Bit of Planning to Keep You On Track!

If you are anything like me, the weekends probably used to be a free for all, no organization, no plan – a whirlwind that leaves you feeling totally unprepared for and dreading Monday!

That was always how my weekends turned out, I wanted rest from the week, and that meant a total lack of doing anything planned. If the mood struck me, then maybe I would fuck around and get something somewhat productive done, but for the most part it was a total waste of time.

Did I feel rested and ready for my week on Monday? Nope! I felt dazed and unprepared for any kind of work, but mid-week I would start to get some momentum, just to toss it out the window when Friday night arrived.

Now don’t get me wrong, I was not partying all weekend, just did a lot of nothing. Back in the day I did do a fair amount of drinking, but for the most part it was just binge watching netflix and napping.

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with either of those things (mind you now that I have stopped drinking, going on year #2! Yay me! I will never go back, what a waste of time and money), they where just not conducive to what I wanted for my life.

If I had been settled in a career, or did not have any big ambitions then having totally unstructured weekends would be fine, but I DO have big ass goals, and I need to optimize my time and energy if I want to have a chance at reaching them.

Once I started having a bit more structure to my weekends, I started being more productive during the week and feeling much more relaxed and rested through the weekend!

Having a routine, and loose schedule for the weekend is really important to not get lost in it. What often happens is we put things off all week saying “I’ll do that this weekend…” but when the weekend actually comes around we tell ourselves that since we worked so hard all week we deserve to take a break, which is totally true, but unhelpful if we want to get stuff done!

So another big thing I have changed in my life is having a loose structure to my weekend, and keeping my usual weekday routine in the morning and evening! Meaning I eat similar foods/meals, my routine remains mostly the same, and I don’t sleep in too much as to throw off my circadian rhythm.

I don’t get much of a weekend since I work 6 days a week, but I tried to keep my Saturday weekend-esque by sleeping in longer and doing the bare minimum.

Now I have the same alarms Monday – Saturday, and the exact same routine in the morning and evening – meditation, workout, skin care, essential oil diffusing, making bed, laundry etc. (See my Creating Awesome Morning and Evening Routines post), then Sunday I don’t have an alarm and I let myself wake up at what ever time within reason, but my routine remains the same, it just happens slightly later in the morning.

This shift has helped a TON with my circadian rhythm, sleep quality and productivity during my days, and has also helped a lot with the transition to the workweek after my day off!

Another great tip is taking a few minutes on Sunday to plan out your week, and figure out anything you want to set reminders for so you don’t forget! And if you really want to, and you feel you need it more than structure – sleep in or take the nap. There is no guilt either way!

Tell me what you think?

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