Homemade Bone Broth Hacks

Ok, real talk, I would love to walk down the aisle in the grocery store without a care and pick up a pack of chicken broth cubes, toss those in a soup or stew and be done with it, but I just can’t anymore.

Yes there are a few healthier brands out there, but every single one I have looked at had either a peanut or a dairy warning on it, – and unlike my elective food aversions, there is no wiggle room there. – and as if that wasn’t enough they are just full of junk!

Alas, that is not the worst of it either, the biggest issue I have that will have me making bathes of bone broth for the rest of my life is – it’s so damn good!

Seriously! Bone broth has a slew of amazing health benefits including aiding in gut and joint health, providing a cornucopia of vitamins and minerals and much more, but folks, it’s just freaking delicious!!!

Here are some of the hacks I have figured out over this past year of making bone broth on a regular basis, these hacks make it simple and super easy to make your own bone broth at home, with out getting sick of it!

Also if you folks would like the recipe for my amazing bone broth, check it out here… “Set it and Forget it” – but not for too long! – Bone Broth

My Top 5 Hacks For Making Bone Broth at Home

#1 – 24 hours is definitely the ideal amount of time to simmer the bone broth for the nutritional benefits, but if you are looking for a quick and dirty version to get some simple stock for a recipe then 8 – 10 hours will do the trick, you may even be able to bring that down to about 6 if you set your slow cooker to High!

#2 – Save the bones! If you can’t find bones at your local butcher (often butchers in grocery stores wont have them), then collect the bones from your other meals in the freezer until you have enough. Also if you are stuck and really want a batch for something special – I did this for a fondue date night with my hubby, I had forgotten I was out of broth! – buy an entire chicken, roast it in the oven until done, let cool, strip the meat off and make a quick batch of broth with the bones and cartilage!

#3 – Save all the trimmings from carrots, celery, onions and garlic, you heard me right, skin and all! All the stuff you would normally toss in the compost, put that in a freezer save container or bag for when you are ready to make broth! Onion and garlic skins give an amazing richness and deeper colour to the broth, you wont regret it!

#4 – Bottle your broth in mason jars, and use a super wide mouthed mason jar funnel, a lot less mess and lower chance of burns when bottling the broth hot! Also use a fine meshed strainer in the funnel to strain out any stray pieces of any of the ingredients, the broth will come out crystal clear this way!

#5 – Freeze it! There is no worse feeling then spending all the time during the week collecting the ingredient, watching the broth simmer for 24 hours and then having it all go bad in the fridge because we forgot about it, or didn’t use it on time! So make sure to leave 2-3 inches head space in your mason jars, and don’t can them hot. After bottling leave the jars open on the counter to cool to room temperature, then cap then and cool for a few hours in the fridge. After that you can put them in the freezer without a care! Be carful when defrosting them though! Make sure to put them in a bath of tap cold water for at least 10 minutes before leaving to thaw, or microwaving!

There you have it! I have been making my own broth now for nearly a year, and I have not purchased broth from the store since! It’s really not a lot of work once you get used to it, and oh, so worth the little extra effort! Enjoy!


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