Iced Matcha Electrolyte Latte

IMG_5961I recently discovered Matcha green tea, which is basically just ground up green tea leaves. The idea being that drinking the “whole” leaf instead of the leaves steeped in water is supposed to provide more of the “superfood” benefits.

There are a lot of claims, most of which seem legit, but in any case it’s delicious and makes me feel good. It’s got a bit of caffeine but doesn’t cause a caffeine rush, or crash. Which makes it perfect for a little afternoon pick-me-up!

I don’t know what made me think of doing this, but I happened to have some coconut water in the fridge and thought about mixing it with my iced Matcha latte instead of regular water. It turned out super tasty, and now I don’t want to make it any other way!

Try it out, you’ll see what I mean!

  • 1 Tbsp. Warm tap water
  • 1 Tsp. Matcha powder
  • 8 oz. Coconut water
  • 2 oz Coconut milk (or milk of preference)
  • 2-4 ice cubes

Mix Matcha with warm tap water to dissolve it. Add the rest of the ingredients and enjoy, simple as that. Slightly sweet tasting this recipe provides you with the benefits of Matcha alone with a great kick of electrolytes from the coconut water. Great for an after workout drink!

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