Fitness and Health and Numbers, Oh My!

Fit is not a number, Fit is a feeling.

We get so caught up in the numbers, the scale, how many pushups we can do, how far we can run how many PRs we have.

We forget about how we feel. Have you ever looked at a Fitspo meme and wished you looked like her. Most of us probably have, but when was the last time you looked at them and actually thought about whether they are happy, or if they feel fit and strong?

Low body fat percentage does not equate to health, nor is it sustainable in anyway, shape or form. To maintain a physique like that you have to dedicate your entire life to how your body looks, which is not very fulfilling, especially if you are doing it merely for ascetics. (As opposed to fitness competitions)

A healthy weight for your body will likely look a lot different from that, but will feel WAY better! You’ll have energy, strength and a zest for life that only a truly capable body can give.

I slashed calories for year, counted macros and controlled every crumb that passed my lips. Did I lose weight? Yes. Was I happy? Nope! Did the weight stay off? Not even close (despite lowing calories again and again)

It was only when I started waiting until I was truly hungry to eat, and eating any ratio of macros I wanted within the realm of a whole foods diet combined with intuitive healthy movement daily did I start to feel good and my body started slimming down on it’s own. Finding the healthy weight it has been trying to get to all along.

We tend to try and make health a war on our body as if it is a rebellious teen that refuses to conform to our rules. But our bodies are constantly trying to be healthy, it’s us who are getting in the way of their progress.

Health is not a number. There are a lot of uses for science and mathematics in our world but when it comes down to what we need to truly be healthy and happy we need to listen to our body a little more and trust what it is telling us.


Tell me what you think?

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