Holistic Is Not a Bad Word

Here is my little interesting thought for the day.

For years I used holistic to describe people or practices who where -for lack of a better term- a little too granola for me. Ironic that now I am more granola then them all but that’s a story for another day!

I have been listening to a podcast about health and nutrition and the women on it often say things like “We need to treat this holistically”. After hearing that a few times, I realized I did not really know the meaning of the word.

Nothing in that description implies natural medicine like I thought, but only implies looking at the whole picture rather then treating symptomatically.

This will likely be obvious to most, but what I find interesting is that we can sometimes learn negative connotations from how people use a word, rather than it’s actual meaning.

In the end holistic health and living is everything I stand for. I don’t reject science or Western medicine, but I do believe fixing the root cause of most things is the answer.


  1. Merci ! Tu m’impressionne à chaque fois Et tes écrits sont une brise d’air frais et de changements dans ma façon de penser ,de manger e t de fonctionner.
    Je t’aime gr maman

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