DIY Liquid Hand Soap and Body Wash

IMG_2697I happened across this post shared on Facebook and was immediately intrigued. See it here

This was by far the simplest, and fastest DIY project I have ever done, and it was really fun too.






I made some modifications to the original recipe…

  • 1 bar Ivory soap (shredded with cheese grater)
  • 4 tbsp Saddle soap (pure glycerin) (also grated)
  • 10 c. water


I warmed the mixture on medium-low heat until it was completely dissolved. Then poured it into an old liquid soap bottle, and I put the extra in old 1L shampoo and conditioner bottles.

Once the liquid cools it turns into more of a gel, like store bought hand soap.

The soap can be used as either hand soap or body wash, and – although I did not do this yet – essential oils can be added to make your favourite scent!

In total the project took less than 20 minutes, and this includes the time to wash out the old bottles, and clean up afterwards. On top of that no extra purchases where made, the whole thing only used items I already had around the house!


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