DIY Jewelry Organizer

IMG_2596Up until yesterday all my jewelry was kept in a tangled mess inside small jewelry boxes. I always ended up wearing the same things, as I never saw what I had, and often forgot about owning certain items all together.

I decided to put this together, but only decided on writing the blog after, so there are no photos of the process unfortunately.



I took an old picture frame and cut out as much of the removable cardboard backing as I could while still leaving the hardware for hanging the frame up intact.

Then I hot glued mesh from an old window screen to the cardboard. (on the front and wrapped around the back.

I put the backing into the frame, and then hot glued clips to the edge of the frame. Before glueing them I took the tongue of the clip and bent them upwards with pliers to make each clip have two hooks for hanging chains and bangles.

I installed a picture hanging hook on the wall, hung it up and voila! Super simple, super cheap, jewelry organizer!

Tell me what you think?

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