My Journey To An Easy, Efficient Morning

I have always liked having things all lined up and ready for me in the morning, makes it feel like a real fresh start. Plus I love the relaxing feeling of doing the routine before bed.

Despite loving it so much I rarely actually get around to doing it, and this leads to hectic, lazy and unmotivated mornings for me. I am a true believer in your mornings having a huge role to play in how the rest of your day unfolds, so it’s not good when mine goes poorly.

Another thing I have noticed about mornings, is we move and think a LOT slower in the morning. Morning person or not, this seems to be the case. So it’s even harder to be efficient in the morning, then it is in the evening.

Last night I did a little experiment… I set out to prep my days worth of food, my workout clothes, my day clothes, my workout equipment and my beverages (water and tea) all within an hour… And I did it, with time to spare. In the morning IF I get up with my alarm (which is rarely the case) I might be lucky to have my whole routine in the morning done within 4 hours, and that does not include my meals! (normally because I work from home I make my food throughout the day)

By using around 45 minutes (most of this was cooking time for the food) of my time in the evening I easily shaved off 2 hours of my morning routine! And I think with practice it will go even faster.

Here are the tiny things I did, that made all the difference:

  1. Beverages: I filled my water bottles and the kettle, and got my tea bags and cup ready. (In the summer I would put the bottles in the fridge)IMG_2372
  2. Workout Equipment: I looked at what was needed for the next days workout, and got them out.IMG_2373
  3. Prevented Social Media Distraction: I tend to want to check my social media accounts first thing in the morning, but as I am sure you know you blink and half and hour has gone by if you do this. So I opened Beachbody On Demand to the page of that day’s workout to encourage me to workout first.                                              IMG_2374
  4. Workout, and Day Clothes: Pictured are just my day clothes, as I was wearing my workout clothes when I took the pic. But I prepped both ahead of time. IMG_2375
  5. Meals: I am going to start prepping a weeks worth of food in these containers this week (more on that in my next post) but for the purposed of this experiment I prepped them the night before. (Everything except supper as supper night responsibilities are alternated with Hubby😊)
    1. Breakfast: Oatmeal, protein shack, and half a banana
    2. Snacks: #1 Grapefruit, #2, String beans and “Scrambled Tofu, #3 Pineapple
    3. Lunch: Tuna, Guacamole, Cucumber and tomatoIMG_2376
  6. As a little added bonus I also pre measured my almond milk for my tea!IMG_2377

Tell me what you think?

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